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Youth Coaching

  Youth coaching can be a useful solution for the times when you and your child are experiencing challenges or are faced with a lot of changes in a short period of time. A coach can help your teen find their own solutions (which builds confidence and independence) and offer a safe space for support.


  Adolescence is a time for BIG transitions: Starting high school, picking a college or career, first job, driving, dating. All of these transitions can cause stress, self-doubt and confusion, so a supportive place to vent or discuss these issues can play a huge role in your child's success and happiness.


  A youth coach helps young adults develop life skills, manage stress and assist in planning their future in school, college and even early career choices.


  Just think....if you could go back and ask your "15-year-old self" one question, what would it be?  A youth coach ASKS those questions without judgment AND is trained to deal with all of the answers that might come up AND help your child navigate those tricky spots that arise throughout adolescence.  It's a win for you, as a parent, and a win for them!

Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.

Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.  - Goethe


  Let's take a look at your ideas  and find your strengths and inspirations. Then, let's  have a little chat with those inner voices and stubborn obstacles that keep you stuck and give you self-doubt.  We'll reveal your best self, true purpose and untapped assets.


Maybe you're in transition, maybe you're looking to make an impact on your  relationships, or maybe you want to find the time, energy, money and passion to create your own business. We will explore and unearth all your possibilities and realize the future you want.


You've got your what?

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